In this little corner of the R and Q world are fun freebies for you to download.

Amazing Men

Amazing Man

Who do you think is the most amazing man?

Blowing Bubbles

Ina – Blowing Bubbles

How many ways can you blow bubbles?

Amazing Women

Amazing Man

Who do you think is the most amazing man?

Match Spin

Spin Matching Game

Can you match the pictures of Spin?

Blowing Bubbles

Which Animal?

From the questions can you guess the animal?

Unicorn Colouring

Unicorn Colouring

Colour in 2 unicorns and select your favourite.

Servi's Sand Castles

Servi’s Sand Castles

Help Servi draw six more sand castles.

Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger Hunt

Can you find these objects around your home.

Draw and Colour in Scoot

Draw Scoot

Can you finish drawing and colouring Scoot?

Infi & Nity - Spot The Difference

Infi & Nity – Spot The Difference

Can you spot 5 differences on each character?

Shaving Foam Drawings

Shaving Foam Drawings

Smear over a flat surface and draw these characters in the flour or shaving foam.

Cool As Duck - Glasses Matching

Glasses Matching

Download and print off. Can you match the sunglasses with the animal which is wearing them?

Chips Jigsaw Puzzles

Chip Jigsaw Puzzle

Download, print off, draw and colour to complete your Chip jigsaw.

Doorknob for a Nose Matching Worksheet

Doorknob Matching Game

Download, print off and use your matching skills to help find Sam hiding as a door.

Tig's Memory Game

Tig’s Memory Game

Download, print off and improve your memory to be more like Tig.

People R Amazing Freebie

People R Amazing Funsheet

Download, print off and let everybody know which person you think is amazing by writing about them and drawing a picture.

Finding Faces Freebies

Face Finder Characters

Download, print off, find a face in an everyday object and draw the characters.

FREE Downloadable Ina Mask

Ina mask

Download, print off and cut out to become Ina with this fun mask.

Danni Duck Sunglasses

You can be as Cool As Duck

Download, print off, cut out and stick to make your very own pair of Danni Duck Sunglasses.

Follow the line with your finger game

The line just goes On ‘N’ On!

Download, print off and use your finger to see if you can follow the line around and around. It may not be as easy as you think!

Stick the doorknob nose on Sam

Stick the doorknob nose on Sam

Download, print off, cut out Sam and the doorknob nose. Then find a piece of StickyTac or sticky tape and you are ready to play!

Color In Scoot

Colour in Scoot

Download, print off and have fun colouring in Scoot from The Mettas.

Cool As Duck Online Puzzle

Danni Duck Online Puzzle

Love puzzles? You do. Have fun! Quack!

Doorknob For A Nose Picture Sliders

Doorknob for a Nose Slider

Slip and slide to see how the image changes. Can you spot the differences?

This Book Never Ends Video

On ‘N’ On Book Reading

Watch and listen to This Book Never Ends… being read by the author.

Vote On Your Favourite Face and Metta

Hot or Not?

Which faces in everyday objects and Mettas characters do you like and which ones do you not like? Vote and let us know.