Freebie Corner

Yeah! You found free stuff!

In this little corner of the R and Q world will be fun freebies for everyone.

The current giveaway is a downloadable People R Amazing Funsheet:

People R Amazing Freebie


I wonder what the next freebie will be? Check back soon to see.



We have a range of books that cover the full spectrum of the Quirky, Creative and Odd.

We have children’s storybooks, information-based books and arty type books.

Have a browse through this virtual bookshelf of a page.


Check out the ever-growing list of books.

Children's Picture Story Books

All of our children’s storybooks are written and illustrated in a gender neutral way. Enabling those who experience our books to identify with the characters in a way that is best for them.

Information Books

Our R-Amazing books aims to share the everyday amazing that happens around us. It encourages us to stop and reflect on what a truly incredible world we live in. This range of book has many new titles in production and will be ready for you to read soon.

Imaginative Arty Books

Sometimes our imagination runs away with us and rather than leaving the thoughts inside to fester, we give ourselves permission to let those ideas out. This results in these books.