Freebie Corner

Yeah! You found free stuff!

In this little corner of the R and Q world will be fun freebies for everyone.

The current giveaway is a downloadable men are amazing worksheet:

Amazing Men


I wonder what the next freebie will be? Check back soon to see.



The Quirky

We embrace our quirkiness by fully understanding that being unusual can offer the ability to be fun, interesting and even, at times, a little bit weird.


The Creative

Using our imagination we develop and create original ideas that make you think and want to become involved in our creativity.


The Odd

Odd is described as that which is different to what is usual or expected and we aim to deliver this to you in fun and interesting ways.



R & Q is a creative agency that builds its own brands. Most of our brands have their own books, characters, websites and merchandise.

As an agency, we have a particular fondness for all that is quirky, creative and odd. In our brands we share the strange beauty and inspiration that is all around us each and every day.

R & Q Logo

Our name R & Q, unlike other brands, can stand for anything you wish it to. The only stipulations are that it should be odd, quirky and (let’s be honest) as clean as we can make it. Below are some initial ideas, if you would like to add some suggested names, please pop them in the form, we’d love to hear them.

Rabbits & Quails

Random & Quirky

Radish & Quiche

Ruthless & Queasy

Rampant & Quiet

Rambunctious & Queer



We create quirky, creative and odd characters that are inspired by unique ideas and concepts.

The Mettas

The Mettas Characters

Each Metta was created from a face in an everyday object that was discovered somewhere in world.


R and Q Character - Cycloped

Inspired by Si Klopp cosmetic surgery, each character is based on a fictional client being ‘Cycloped’.

The Cyclops

The Cyclops Characters

Each of the Cyclops character was discovered hiding in plain sight around the world.


We would much rather 50% of you adore or detest what we do than have 100% of you think our ideas are just 'alright' or 'ok'!

R & Q has a particular fondness for all that is quirky, creative and odd.

We share the strange beauty and inspiration that is all around us each and every day.

We strive to be the advocates against the indifference of the "alright's" and "ok's".


Perhaps the most quirky, creative and odd brands you will see all day!

Si Klopp

The field of fictional cosmetic surgery forever changed when Si Klopp developed their patented ‘Cycloped‘ eye reduction surgery.

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R Amazing!

R Amazing! is a safe place to explore different topics and share your views.

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The Mettas Characters

Each little character was discovered and created from a face found in an everyday object.

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The Cyclops

The Cyclops were hiding all around us. They were discovered in every day objects around the world.

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Doorknob For A Nose

For years Sam hated having a doorknob for a nose , that all changed upon discovering its superpower.

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On N On - This Book Never Ends

Looping round and round, This Book Never Ends; it really does what it says on the cover. It just goes On ‘N’ On.

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Cool As Duck

Finding a pair of sunglasses Danni Duck believes nobody else can be as cool as duck.

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I Don't Want To Be A...

Helping children decide which job they may want (or not want) to do when they’re older.

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Supporting people to meet their emotional needs by giving vOUCHers to somebody who can help.

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Possible Mind

Sharing information that can change perspectives around how people heal.

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