URL’s that support some of our published books.

R Amazing! Website

R Amazing!

R Amazing! is a safe place to explore different topics and share your views by voting for your favourites on each list.

Cool As Duck Website

Cool As Duck

We embrace our quirkiness by fully understanding that being unusual can offer the ability to be fun, interesting and even, at times, a little bit weird.

Door Knob For A Nose Website

Doorknob For A Nose

Sam’s nose ran at birth, ran away that is. This new body part has given Sam a surprising, amazing and, let’s be honest, very strange superpower.

This Book Never Ends Website

This Book Never Ends…

Looping around until someone says “PLEASE STOP READING NOW” this story will go On ‘N’ On because it really does not ever end.

The Mettas Website

The Mettas

The Mettas are always hiding in the world around you as pareidolia (faces in everyday objects). Each Metta has its own special, kind, caring and gentle superpower.

Si Klopp Website

Si Klopp

The world’s best cosmetic clinic patented ‘Cycloped‘ eye reduction surgery which was created by Professor Klopp and her assistant Dr Von Eyid.

OUCHer Website


Jennifer along with fellow Samaritan, Markus, created the vOUCHers books as a safe way to request for support by giving a simple vOUCHer.

Possible Mind Website

Possible Mind

Discover, quickly and easily, how and why your mind can control pain and speed up healing.